Welcome to Caprisport

This is all a rather steep learning curve for us so please bear with us as we learn and

add more products - if what you need isn't here, let us know and we'll get it sorted for you.

email - info@caprisport.co.uk



Ebay is fast becoming too restrictive to be able to answer detailed technical questions.

It's far too easy to fall foul of stupid rules whilst trying to help customers.

There is now a blanket ban on mentioning anything outside ebay such as web pages or email addresses. As a result, it's now impossible to point people in the direction of useful web pages without incurring penalties.

Account restriction stopped any communications but did not stop people buying (because they just want the money) - you can imagine the problems that caused.

We don't ship overseas through eBay for many reasons not least the fraud problems and total lack of responsibility for the issues their attitude and methods cause. We do however happily ship overseas here, free from the problems of eBay

Using paypal to protect both buyer and seller.