Ford Focus ST RS 5 Stud Brembo 336mm Big Disc Brake Conversion - Bracket Kit


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Ford Focus 336mm Brembo Bracket set complete.

To fit 5 Stud Focus using the 336mm RS 2.5 (09-11) discs and the BMW E38 calipers with 112mm fixing centres.

Fits the E38 calipers only - nothing else.

Cleaning of mating surfaces and minor fettling may be required.

17" wheels will be required as a minimum - possibly 18"and may need a small spacer.
Fits the hub in the second picture only, will not fit the Revo Knuckle hub.

Note also, that the caliper is the other way up than you would find it on the BMW or a Cosworth conversion.
This is important as the caliper is directional so must remain on the same side of the vehicle so the disc travels through it in the same direction.

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